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The Große Elbstraße runs parallel to the Elbe River, starting at the Fish Market in St. Pauli, passing along the Altonaer Balkon and extending to Neumühlen. Here, visitors and locals can still experience the vibrant activity around long-established shipping companies and the authentic Hamburg harbor atmosphere, which reaches its peak with the weekly Fish Market. In line with our surroundings, we have designed the ambiance and menu of our restaurant 'am kai' on Große Elbstraße to reflect the maritime environment. At our restaurant, you can enjoy first-class seafood specialties influenced by flavors from around the world, 

all while taking in a unique view of the Hamburg harbor – right before your eyes, the Elbe River effortlessly carries large vessels towards the sea, a taste that is also reflected in every dish prepared by our chef. Just as Große Elbstraße has become a trendy meeting point with its hip restaurants, designer stores, and chic advertising agencies, where iconic traditions and modern ideas harmoniously blend, we also transform traditional dishes with creativity, courage, and our pursuit of perfection into unique combinations at 'am kai', resulting in new, aromatic taste explosions.

Let yourself drift along Große Elbstraße and stop by at 'am kai' restaurant.

Strolling along Elbchaussee is not only worthwhile in search of a good restaurant. Just to feel the wind on your face and enjoy the unobstructed view of the countless cranes and ships in the Hamburg harbor, Große Elbstraße is not only the address for true Hamburgers to unwind and relax while witnessing the hustle and bustle on the other side of the Elbe River. Small designer shops and gourmet stores invite you to linger for a moment, and once you reach the observation platform of 'Dockland', you are enveloped in the maritime flair in the most positive way.

Just a few leisurely steps further, we welcome you to our restaurant 'am kai' right on Große Elbstraße in Hamburg, where you can continue to indulge in the atmosphere while being pampered by our team with freshly caught seafood delicacies from the sea. Before, during, and after your culinary journey, an exciting selection of beverages accompanies you – aperitifs, cocktail creations, as well as the finest wines from Europe and overseas, guaranteeing a holistic indulgence experience.

The address among the restaurants on Elbchaussee: 'am kai'.

Of course, there are numerous restaurants in the vicinity of Große Elbstraße in Hamburg, but why venture further from the quay than absolutely necessary, to avoid falling into the water?! To end your excursion in Hamburg's harbor district, stay right 'am kai' and enjoy the view of the harbor, which is especially breathtaking at dusk. Let yourself be enchanted by the special atmosphere, where cranes and ships stand out against the setting sun, and a peaceful mood envelops the port of Hamburg.

We have been captivated by this ambiance for quite some time, as we established ourselves early on as a seafood restaurant in Große Elbstraße, back then known as 'Au Quai'. At your culinary meeting point 'Am Kai', indulge in selected seafood specialties.


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