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In Hamburg, dining by the Kai is a favorite pastime

When Hamburgers need to make an important decision or ponder, they are often drawn down to the harbor. Here at the Elbe river, most of them say they can 'clear their heads' best. But of course, that's not the only reason why so many restaurants have settled by the water in Hamburg. There's also the Alster lake, and as you may have heard or read, the fact that Hamburg has more bridges than Venice. It would be interesting to know how Hamburg fares with its selection of waterfront restaurants...

But it's the bustling international port with its quays that offers an endless reservoir of fascinating impressions of Hamburg against a dreamlike backdrop. With the Elbe river flowing right in front, the romance of seafaring comes alive, the city's people let themselves drift, and the culinary palate of foodies craves that maritime kick. That's why the restaurants with a view of the Hamburg harbor, which make this unique atmosphere tangible, are very popular. They are pearls waiting to be discovered. We are convinced: 'am kai' is the perfect place for that!

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am kai in Hamburg - Restaurant with a view

In front of their eyes, the Elbe river flows, sails billow, and pilot boats cruise. Here, guests dine in the front row, with a fantastic view of the docklands in the Hamburg harbor. 

The creative dishes and seafood specialties captivate business people, Hamburg locals, and epicureans from all over the world, both for lunch and dinner.

Our restaurant with a view of the Hamburg harbor - most beautiful during the blue hour

As evening falls in Hamburg's harbor, the team led by our chef invites you to dinner at 'am kai' restaurant, and conjures up many dishes that take all your senses on a fantastic culinary journey, which you can enjoy right by the water. With compositions on the plates and the picturesque backdrop in view, your visit to 'am kai' will be an inspiring experience.

By the water, a gentle breeze from the water, fish, and fruits of the sea are a must. We have settled in a modern atmosphere where the fresh catches of seafood are traded, to bring you the maritime atmosphere by the water in Hamburg as authentically as possible, both on the plates and with the ambiance of our restaurant.


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Restaurant of the year - am kai

This year we are the test winner of the gastro award "Genuss-Michel 2023" in the category "Fish". In addition, we are among the top 3 in the nomination "Restaurant of the Year". We are incredibly proud of this and enjoy this success!

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