Dining with a view of the Elbe River

Restaurant by the Elbe River

'am kai' invites you to dine with a view of the Elbe.

Water has always held a great fascination for people, whether it's an ocean, a sea, or a river like the Elbe. Water is a vital elixir - the source of all life. It's no wonder that we Hamburgers are drawn to the Elbe time and again to take a break from the stressful everyday life, feel the cold wind on our faces, and experience a close connection with nature in the fast-paced metropolis.

The Port of Hamburg has long become a popular destination for relaxation seekers and day tourists, and over the years, a multitude of restaurants have settled near the Elbe River in Hamburg. However, few are located directly on the quay like our restaurant 'am kai.' On a sunny day, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Elbe from our terrace, because at our seafood restaurant 'Am Kai,' the name says it all - we love being in close proximity to the river. Our culinary delights from the water perfectly complement the maritime atmosphere that surrounds you - a truly enjoyable dining experience is guaranteed!

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Hamburg's Restaurant on the Elbe - Holistic Enjoyment at the Port.

The best way to enjoy the view of the Elbe is from the sun terrace of our restaurant, but even typical North German drizzly weather doesn't deter true Hamburgers and visitors from taking a stroll along the Elbe - and it only whets the appetite for a delicious fish specialty! Enzo and Sylviane Caressa are the owners of the restaurant on the Elbe, and they place great importance on tailoring their menus to the maritime flair emanating from the nearby port. They have designed their winter garden and the entire location to match the atmosphere of the Elbe, incorporating design elements such as shipping containers cleverly, so that the romanticism of the Hamburg Elbe is reflected in their restaurant.

You can enjoy the unobstructed view of the Elbe excellently with a glass of wine and a menu that matches the ambiance in our restaurant 'Am Kai,' located directly on the quay of the Elbe. You can easily find your way to us by following the river towards the sea. Once you see a shimmering mackerel, our newly designed logo, above the door, you have arrived! We are very pleased to welcome you and to pamper you culinarily with all the culinary arts. Our head chef and the entire team will prepare an unparalleled evening for you, as we serve you varied creations according to the motto: Shared joy is doubled joy! You will be able to enjoy the view of the Elbe from our restaurant and the maritime flair not only visually but also in various culinary ways.


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Restaurant of the year - am kai

This year we are the test winner of the gastro award "Genuss-Michel 2023" in the category "Fish". In addition, we are among the top 3 in the nomination "Restaurant of the Year". We are incredibly proud of this and enjoy this success!

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