Sailors yarn en vogue

Sailors yarn en vogue !

Our head chef encounters the look on his shopping trips to the wholesale markets naturally for ages: When he's on the hunt for the best ingredients, fresh fish and seafood, it's often the traditional Finkenwerder fisherman's shirts that are still worn for sale.

And yes! This very classic shirt format has become socially acceptable again, far from the market stalls and sea shanties. It's a fashionable highlight: the comfortable, collarless linen shirts score with their rich blue tone and characteristic stripe pattern.

They are worn casually, but also combined in a very chic way. That's why we particularly like this key piece!

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...or Breton-striped

The maritime fashion trend couldn't be more comfortable and casual - much of it is gladly picked up by the casual fashion blog and design scene in the Schanzen and Karolinenviertel districts. 

Hamburgers also love to wear long-sleeved Breton-striped shirts - originally found in the uniform list of French sailors - these are truly timeless, to call them a trend would be almost an understatement.

Dock or pilot style

The maritime touch is definitely in vogue. Another important accessory, especially during this time of year, is of course: the hat! The whaler's or docker's cap is currently gaining popularity. But even though this trend is no longer a secret tip and has become mainstream, it's the casually capped hats (from luxurious cashmere to chunky wool knit) that make some neglected hairstyles disappear during these times and give the face a cool and fearless look.

Fashionably daring individuals are also wearing Elbsegler or pilot caps again... and our dress code at "am kai"? We want you to be able to enjoy our specialties in a casual, relaxed, and carefree manner - on any occasion.


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Restaurant of the year - am kai

This year we are the test winner of the gastro award "Genuss-Michel 2023" in the category "Fish". In addition, we are among the top 3 in the nomination "Restaurant of the Year". We are incredibly proud of this and enjoy this success!

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